Monday, March 5, 2012


Art Against Assault is a project started by survivors of sexual assault and rape to raise awareness as well as give artistic representation of the complicated emotions and thoughts that result from sexual assault and rape. JARRING is a series developed to allow survivors an anonymous platform to share their experiences with the community as an invitation to dialogue. You can read more about the previous instantiations of the project and the upcoming book JARRING III on the Art Against Assault Website.


No identifying information is requested or will be used for this project. Please only offer to participate if you feel comfortable doing so. You may post anonymously.

If you'd like to participate in the third instantiation of this project, an artist's book in an edition of 50 entitled JARRING III, please reply to this post with the following:

1. A sentence describing how the incident began. This can be something as specific or vague as you'd like it to be. Please don't use any identifying information such as names. Example: "It was almost closing time at the bar."

2. Words or phrases that come to mind when you remember the assault. I realize this part is difficult, but again you can be as vague or specific as you feel comfortable with. You do not have to describe what happened. Example: "I shut my eyes." "Pain." "Confusion."

3. Words, phrases, or sentences describing how you feel now reflecting upon the assault - this can include reflective thoughts and emotions or statements of being. Example: "I am changed."

By posting you are granting the right for the artist to incorporate your words into the completed artwork(s). Please do not post if you do not feel comfortable granting this right. Information about the work will be published to this site upon completion. Any proceeds raised through the project will go towards donations to charitable organizations such as RAINN and regional crisis centers. If you would like to recommend an organization, please feel free to do so with your comments.

Update: 5/29/13: We are now planning for year 3 of this project and I remain truly grateful to those who continue to share their stories for this project. Information re: edition one and two of this project are located at the new Art Against Assault website. The third instantiation of this project will be a letterpressed accordion fold book printed in an edition of 50 at Women's Studio Workshop in New York. Thank you again. Best, Mirabelle Jones.